Live an
independent life.

A portable lift designed to assist people with disabilities or injuries to be transferred in an easy, safe manner.

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What is the ULift?

Something as simple as sitting on the ground or transferring one's self can be a very difficult task. Even with the help of caregivers, performing this task can cause serious injury... so we've come up with a clever solution.

The ULift can be used to help people transfer to:
- Beds
- Couches
- Most elevated surfaces
It can also be used to transfer to and from ground level

Meet Our Founder.

Cohan Warn

Founder: ULift Australia

I love helping people and have never seen what I do as a job.

I developed the ULift... because I saw an opportunity for my customers to have more independence in their daily lives.

I have seen customers light up when they use the ULift as I believe it provides freedom and an improved quality of life within their day.

Without having the barrier of:

"Can I go do this without putting myself in danger?", or

"Will I need someone to help me?", or

"I won't attempt to go out today, because it can be too difficult."

My goal is to help my customers feel more independent in their home, as well as outdoors. Less judged when they are out in public, and have a choice to feel more inclusive and independent in their community.

I wanted to help the parents and caregivers, because I see the joy in those who have used the ULift. They tell me how happy they are to see their child or customer acting more independent and feeling that they do not have to rely on someone all the time.

It gives me great joy to see my customers move past barriers that would usually put a stop in their day. With the ULift they have the ability to live an independent life on their terms.

Cohan Warn

Freedom & Independence

The ULift can be used independently and with dignity, allowing individuals to have more mobility when not supervised or assisted by professionals.

Portable & Safe

The ULift is extremely portable and can be easily stored away when not in use.

It promotes independence as well as reducing the risk of injury when used by carers, making it ideally suited for use within the community.

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